How to Protect a Safe Password

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Gadget Review - Password become the defense of privacy and online security. However, potential hacker can reset passwords and gain access to social networks, bank accounts, even the identity of the user.

If you use the same password for all online accounts, possibly vulnerable hijacked. Be sure to update the password and use unique words.

There are some password management programs like KeePass to store multiple online account passwords in an encrypted database. To access it only takes one master password, and bring the user to any password that is needed in a single thumb drive.

Another one is using multi-platform password manager application that supported browser such as LastPass. Its use is easier to use because it automatically synchronizes between different computers with a browser. Users can access the encrypted database from any device.

Besides using the password manager to increase online privacy, users must create the perfect password. Perfect password is to write letters, numbers and symbols that are unique.
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