Smart Bike from Apple

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Apple is famous for its production of gadgets such as the iPhone and iPad, recently patented a new product is quite different, future smart bikes .

This bike is anonim, has a slot for the iPhone or iPad handlebar-mounted rudder which is connected with the engine and sensors to provide information on the wider 'real time' to the 'biker', to enrich your cycling experience while enjoying the iPhone or iPad mounted on a bicycle.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, it also allows the application of technology 'command voice' to control certain functions on the bike, for example, removal of teeth. 'Voice Command' could use a microphone mounted on a helmet that bears the driver or using the iPhone speakers that sounded more like a big sound.

Apple wants patent document shows bicyclists share information with each other about traffic, distance, time, speed or route of travel through the 3G internet connections. Equipped with a device that, if lost bikers can directly access Google Maps, or also monitors heart rate, speed, power, wind speed, slope, line patterns, etc. on the screen are available.