Pepsi Launches Prototype Machine Auto Seller

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Gadget Review - U.S. beverage company PepsiCo to innovate by launching a prototype of the vending machines which apply interactive technology.

This machine has an interactive touch screen to let users easily purchase drinks. It works by entering the recipient's name, phone number and
personalized text messages. Then the machine produces code and instructions on how to redeem a drink at another vending machine.

Also there is the personalization options desired beverage as a gift with a short videotape on the machine itself.

''With vending machines, we want to change the transaction base into a unique experience,'' said Mikel Durham, Chief Innovation of PepsiCo Foodservice.

PepsiCo’s rival, Coca-Cola Co. introduced a similar concept in 2009. They tested the fountain drink machine technology freestyle. The machine has a touch screen that can be issued more than 100 combinations of flavor drinks.

But PepsiCo steps further by incorporating social elements of the share the prize functions.

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