Five Ways Securing Your Facebook Account

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Gadget Review - Facebook users are now able to secure the identity of the account. Anything? Here are five tips for your Facebook account more secure.

1. Enable HTTPS

Although it’s not a default configuration, you can adjust your privacy settings. To change this setting go to Account> Account Settings. And find the Account Security. Make sure the Secure browsing box is checked..

2. Disable the Public Search

These settings define your visibility on search engines like Google. If you do not want others to know about your profile, then this option should be disabled. To change this setting go to Account> Privacy Settings> APPS and Websites> Public Search> Edit Settings. Preventing the profile appears in Google to anyone who is looking for your name, â € ~ untickedâ € ™ Enable Public Search box.

3. Disable Facebook Search

Way to go to Account> Privacy Settings> Connecting on Facebok> View Settings. Then change the settings for the Find me on Facebook to friends only, or if you want to have visibility of some friends become Friends of Friends.

4. Control Applications

Apply to Account> Privacy Settings> Apps and Websites> Edit Your Settings. Then make sure all applications the OFF button is pressed, thus blocking any applications that use personal data.

5. Remove Personal Information

You have to go to Account> Privacy Settings> Sharing on Facebook. Change the data in the profile to combat identity theft.

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