What is Android?

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Gadget Review - What is Android? Maybe that comes in our mind is the mobile phone or tablet PC. For those of you who are considering buying a handheld device, it could not hurt to know a little about the android.

First let's create a simple, Android is mobile phone operating system like
Symbian or Windows Phone that developed by Google. Android was developed from the Linux operating system and all application made with Java. Android is an open source OS that is essentially free for the public to access, view and even works to use it.

Brief History

Android was first developed in 2003 by Android Inc., consisting of Nick Sears, Chris White, Rich Miner and Andy Rubin (Google's director of mobile platforms now). Android Inc. engaged in mobile phone applications. The idea behind it, in Rubin's own words, is to create "smart mobile devices are more aware of the location owner and preferences."

In 2005, Google acquired Android Inc. Rumors that Google would make the phone was then grown up to cell phone manufacturers. This issue is even raised by the BBC and The Wall Street Journal. They believe that Google is preparing a mobile phone which integrates with Google services, like Google Maps and Gmail in it. The world must wait until October 21, 2008 for Android to arrive when it launched in the United States in conjunction with T-Mobile and HTC on the device known as the HTC Dream or T-Mobile G1 is the first Android powered smartphone.

What you need to know

To say that Android is a cheap alternative to the iPhone OS is not fair but it is also true. Phones that run it is cheaper in terms of experience and design.

See and feel

As part of Google's licenses, nearly all Android phones are equipped with four buttons (home, menu, back and search) and capactive multitouch screens to all of you pinching and zooming made famous by the iPhone.


There have been many devices that use the Android OS. In addition there is also a Tablet PC Smartphone. Many vendors such as Motorola, Sony Erricson, Samsung, LG, HTC and even Tablet Blackberry Playbook using the Android OS.


Google has released a new version of Android since it was launched - for free and each one contains new features and bug fixes. Updates are named different by dessert items alphabetically like Cupcake to be first, then the recently Gingerbread and Honeycomb.


While there are many reasons to choose the device Android among others, but there are disadvantages as well. A somewhat complicated about using the Android experience is not uniform from device to device. Manufacturers of hardware using a custom interface put them on the Android view basis. In other words, lack of synergy between Google and the user device vendors, not as in Apple and devices.

Perhaps the most serious criticism aimed at the Android often continuous fragmentation. Not all devices out there can run all applications. That's largely because the two versions of Android updates and increased spec of the new device over time. As a result, developers cannot and do not always follow by ensuring that mobile phones purchased in 2008 running one of the older system are met.

Android is not the best phone software on the market, but with more than 350,000 new activation Android phone every day, it seems that the world has decided that the positive aspect of this platform is much greater than the negative.
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