Violate Patent Oracle Sued Google Android

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Oracle Corp. filed for patent and copyright infringement against Google Inc. over the Android software, citing the acquisition of technology from Sun Microsystems Inc. in January last.

"In developing Android, Google is aware, directly and repeatedly violated the relevant Oracle Java applications," said Oracle spokeswoman Karen Tillman, as quoted by Bloomberg.

"These lawsuits seek an appropriate solution for their violation," he added.

By Oracle, Sun Java technology allows developers to write programs that work on different operating systems and on different computers. This software runs on mobile devices since last year. Google Android, the smartphone operating system, is one of the OS that uses this technology.

However, Oracle did not say whether to ask the court to stop the use of the invention or are looking for cash compensation.

Meanwhile, Google through his spokesman Andrew Pederson says the company has not received a report the breach, so no comment.

This new case is sticking out, according to some observers as another way to bring down Google. Especially today, Android middle reaches highest level of popularity.

"Google is being attacked in many different ways," said Will Stofega, a program manager at IDC.

"It shows the intensity of the fighting between all the people trying to control the software," he added.