BB OS 6 release, Windows 7 Phone Ready to Act!

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This year the battle between mobile telephone devices, especially smartphones, are condemned increasingly fierce. Not just the fight between the handsets, but also fierce battle occurred between the platforms that used the smart phones. After a couple of developer platforms released the latest version of their platform, as Apple releases IOS 4, Google released a Froyo, Nokia with Symbian ^ 3, it's time for RIM's platform released their latest version for Blackberry handsets, namely the Blackberry OS 6.

Until recently, RIM has been introducing their latest platform is in Orlando, Florida, United States, in the event the Wireless Enterprise Symposium (WES) 2010 by Mike Lazaridis, RIM's CEO. According to RIM, the announcement of its release, the newest platform, comes with a 'refresher' display interface and many new features. In addition, this platform also gets repairs and updates of existing features and functions. Promising for RIM Blackberry smartphone users, that they will get a better experience than ever before.

One new feature is pinned on the Blackberry OS 6 is a multi-touch features, whereas in previous versions of this feature does not exist. The existence of this feature is an absolute 'must' exist, because the competitors of Blackberry, like the iPhone and Android, have long adopted this feature. Multi-touch feature alone will provide more flexibility for users in their activities using a Blackberry, in addition to using a QWERTY keyboard that are characteristic of the mobile phone output RIM.

In addition multitouch features, RIM has also made various fixes and updates, especially the user interface features (user interface). Repairs and modifications made to the user interface, according to RIM are to better support the existence of multi-touch features and enable users in the use of these features along with features of the trackpad.

Transparent and Visual User Interface
User interface is a feature on Blackberry RIM modified by these six, in addition to the existence of multi-touch features, user interface is also used as a visual look and transparent, so have the clear impression, clean, and natural. With a view like that, will facilitate users in finding and exploring a variety of existing applications and content.

In addition, new user interface also offers a view of multiple functions, making it easier for users in regulating a variety of applications and content available on the Blackberry. In this new user interface, also introduced a new tool called the Action Menu. This application allows users to display the events / activities are often conducted on the Blackberry.

Another interesting tool is the Universal Search. Users from the Home Screen can access this tool itself. With this tool, users can search easily to existing applications and content on their BlackBerry handsets, internet search, and allows users of existing applications on RIM's site online application, namely the Blackberry App World.

Web Browser More Fast and Rich Feature
Browsing in cyberspace (the Internet) with the Blackberry OS 6 certainly more exciting and fun, because the Blackberry OS 6 has pinned a new browser called WebKit. The latest browsers support the use of HTML 5, so that users will be faster and easier in terms of accessing the internet pages, better multimedia support, also included Tabs feature to access the Internet simultaneously.

Better integrated with Various Social Networking Sites Popular
One of the mainstays of other Blackberry to get repairs and renewal in the Blackberry OS 6 This is the Blackberry Messenger (BBM) and to strengthen its fuel features, RIM has added an application called Social Feeds, applications that integrate the platform with social networking sites popular, such as Facebook, Twiter, MySpace, AOL Instant Messenger, Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, and Yahoo Messenger.

Meanwhile, for those who are more often communicate via SMS and MMS, RIM strengthen it with some new features and functionality, including ease of sharing photos, video, and various other multimedia content.

Better Multimedia Capabilities
Activities of listening and watching audio-video of the 'geeks' Blackberry certainly more 'rich', as well as more fun and exciting, because the Blackberry OS 6 has been supported and integrated with popular media player applications, a sort of iTunes and Windows Media Player.

Also added a WiFi Music Sync feature that allows users to display the media player in the database of the songs contained in the user's Blackberry phones, and users can create and edit songs, as well as select and download songs from online music sites are more favorites easy.

For users who frequently access Youtube Blackberry, Blackberry OS 6 will also allow you to browse, watch, and share videos.

The presence of this makes the Blackberry OS 6 smartphones market share increasingly crowded and noisy. However, with the launch of RIM's latest platform, the more and provide more alternatives to consumers.

For the moment this platform pinned by RIM on the Blackberry Torch and Canadian-based Company that is promising to upgrade the BlackBerry OS 6 was against some other Blackberry phone models, such as the Blackberry Bold 9700, Bold 9650, Pearl and 3G.

Windows Phone Ready for Action 7

In addition to the latest from the Blackberry platform, one platform that is confirmed to release this year and is much awaited by the latest generation of Microsoft's platforms, Windows phone 7 (WP7). Operating system from Microsoft that is intended for mobile devices, including smartphones is certainly ready for action this year. This was revealed by accident by Kevin Turner, Microsoft CEO.

According to Turner, Phone Windows 7 will be available in October 2010 for the European region, while the Americas will follow in November. In addition, several large vendors have also expressed interest to adopt the latest platforms from Microsoft, such as Samsung and HTC.

Samsung itself has introduced a 'hero' of their new phone that uses Windows 7 and ready to be shipped at the end of this year. Meanwhile, Microsoft first introduced Windows Phone 7 at Mobile World Congress 2010 event in Barcelona, Spain.