Top 10 BlackBerry Application

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RIM BlackBerry `s now have a large stock of applications. You can use an application that directly from the original creator. And you can configure your device to install all perfection. More than 600 programs exist for each type of application user.

Here are some of the best collections of implementation. You’ll love it.

1. Connect to the Internet
A distinctive feature of BlackBerry is its fast Internet connection. And the study of this need, RIM offers interesting applications to go online with your BlackBerry. Of course the love of Facebook, MySpace and AOL Instant Messenger Viigo join for free to your mobile phone. This is awesome, not `t? You can free. Facebook these applications, MySpace

* Facebook
* MySpace
* Viigo
* AOL Instant Messenger

2. News Room

You can listen to your favorite news feeds and lists of the most popular TV presenter with the device BlackBerry. This site has direct access through a popular Bloomberg suggested. This application shows detailed statistics and graphs, as well as the latest news in foreign currency.

* Bloomberg

3. Trapster

This is an impressive statement, and if, strictly speaking, illegal. I go out, if there are no signs of ant speed cameras on the streets. In addition, you will not get concealed weapons to remind the police radar, red light cameras or speed cameras custom hide. You can help protect these identities, as well as others.

4. Traveling

In case of sudden, unexpected travel to you a headache, then the WorldMate Live BlackBerry application, which you certainly little relief. With its help you can get graphics etc. WorldMate availability hotels and prices Live

* WorldMate Live

5. Music Lovers

Pandora Radio offers a wide range of radio stations that you can listen to your loved ones. Its excellent rating allows the station and can take unwanted titles.

6. Shazam

When listening to any length, and you want to know about the topic. Shazam helps. You can learn about the artist, album or track to the film. And then you can choose what length of the Amazon.

7. Google Maps

BlackBerry latest models have built-in GPS services. Despite some limitations, Google Maps is one of the best in the annex GPS. With this application, all the satellite images and local search, it is possible. Google Maps for mobile
* Visit

Games Corner

8. Civilization IV: War between the cities

Great game of strategy and the choice of several civilizations. Although some people believed that their struggle is not only from city to city. But how come you will certainly enjoy this application.

9. Vegas Pool Sharks Lite

Nice 3D game have any problems running on BlackBerry. For most BlackBerry phones did not play so well, 3D-applications. Some elements of the problem of low speed or deal with make it a bit problematic. First of all, a very interesting game, but.

10. SlingPlayer Mobile SlingPlayer
From the familiar Slingbox, you should try SlingPlayer Mobile for BlackBerry. You can capture live TV and TiVoed programs. You can claim popular mobile phone service companies.